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Dangerous & Wilder Series

Dangerous Intentions: The Betrayal - Book 1

Framed for murder, Gage Wilder spent the last five years plotting his revenge on the one who put him behind bars. Not only did his own brother frame him for murder, he stole his company as well as his fiancé.

Five years in prison is a long time to plot their demise. With the intention of killing his brother the first chance he gets, Gage sets out to accomplish just that. However, making his brother watch while he strips him of everything he ever stole and more, is even more satisfying.

Recommended for mature audiences.


Due to reader feedback, I have decided to re-release the Dangerous & Wilder Series in Kindle Unlimited as it was previously available, so that readers with the subscription will enjoy the new edition.

Dangerous Liaisons: The Countdown - Book 2

Who knew that the youngest would be the deadliest? With both elder brothers missing, the youngest sets out on a quest to find them both. Those who cross hairs with him will discover he's no longer a boy, but a formidable opponent who spares no thought about snuffing your out.
With shooting skills that rivals a western gunslinger and a fierceness born of the pain form his past and present, Braun is a force to be reckon with.
What will Leroy do when he comes face to face with the baby of the family?