Dangerous Relations – Snippet

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Dear Friends,

It’s been a while since I have shared a post with you. I thought I’d give you something to pique your interest on the beautiful Monday morning. I know we hate Mondays. Therefore, this snippet of Dangerous Relations should perk you up and motivate you. It’s early in the book, but I am loving writing about Kent and Lisa so far. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 – Kent



I’m Kent, and playing around’s not my thing. Although Leroy was family, he ain’t shit if he waged war against his own blood. We’re gonna stick to the side of right, and what he did to Gage was wrong. The Wilder boys weren’t some sissies who would allow even their own to disrespect them and get away with it. I was here to teach Leroy and this Jack person a lesson. Moreover, my finger was itching to squeeze the trigger on my Beretta 9mm.

But damn it if I wasn’t proud as well as a little bit worried about Braun. He’d grown into one hell of a contender that I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side. He was still a little immature and needed to come into his own. With Gage being gone really messed up his mind. But that Chinese water torture technique he was using on Leroy had me concerned. Who would have thought of something so sinister? Yeah, it might sound like a very simple thing since it wasn’t considered violent, but that water droplet plays on the mind and emotions of the victim to the point of mental derailment. I would’ve just shoot the bastard between the eyes and done with it. But no Braun. He took pleasure in seeing Leroy suffer.

A whiff of lilac perfume distracted my thoughts. I was lounging on the terrace just outside the kitchen with a scotch in my hand. The bottle was sitting on the glass top table beside me while the night air ruffled the surface of the swimming pool.

I sniffed, wondering if it was my imagination, but that perfume I knew all too well. A familiar sensation ran from the top of my head, tingled down my spine and ended up exploding in my balls. Lisa. I had to admit that since she arrived a few days ago, not a moment passed where she wasn’t lurking in the back of my mind, or at the forefront of it more than I cared to admit out loud.

I steeled myself against the quivering sensation now presenting in my belly. My heart thudded against my chest, prompting me to refill my glass and taking a huge swig. Memories of my brief relationship with Lisa surfaced. Her sweet smile, the way she would stick her tongue between her teeth when she laughed made my heart flip over. These were memories I wanted to stay buried, but her damn perfume always had my gut twisting and my dick begging for attention.

With a curse, I shifted in my chair as the damn thing was now being crushed against the zipper of my jeans. What was it about this woman that had my balls on fire every time I smelled or saw her? That damn perfume of hers was like magic potion that would get my cock on standby every time.

I could also feel that she was close by, perhaps in the kitchen. There was something undeniable between us that I could always tell when she was near. Moreover, she was the best damn pussy I’d ever had, but not even such a great time in the sack could compel me to commit to one woman for life. I wasn’t that kind of a man.

Gage was always on about meeting the right woman, so I’d always expected him to settle down with a family. But Braun was the one who seemed to be the wild one. He was the youngest and hadn’t yet experienced life. Yet here he was insisting that Kitara was the only woman for him. I’d give him a few months for him to realize that he’d made a mistake.

As though on autopilot, even as I told myself that no woman was worth me giving up my ways, I found myself leaving the terrace. My feet carried me towards the scent of her perfume which landed me in the kitchen. She was making oatmeal, which was a healthier option than consuming the leftovers in the fridge at that hour of the night.

Our eyes met briefly before she went back to her task at the stove. Having no clue was what driving me, I moved over to the stove. She glanced at me once more, before shifting to the side.

I cleaned my throat before peaking into her pot. “What you making?”

“Oatmeal,” she replied. Her tone told me that her real answer would have been something cutting.

I watched her stir the ingredients in the saucepan. Her arms moving ever slow slowly as she stirred. I love the way her dark skin gleamed under the lights and the way her tight muscles slightly rippled with her movements.

My eyes cruised her profile, briefly resting on her breast. Those damn taut nipples were prominent against the flimsy silk top she was wearing. My lips twitched to nibble her from head to feet. My body was aching to get close to her, to feel her satin skin next to mine. Then my eyes rested on a gleaming object, causing my blood curdled in my veins.

“What the fuck is that?” I blurted out, making a step to close the gap. Grabbing the hand she was using to stir her oats, I lifted it, glaring at the huge diamond on her ring finger. “What the fuck is this?” I demanded.

Snatching her hand, she turned to face me fully, he sweet scarlet lips in a tight line. “Does it bother you to see a big ass diamond on my finger?” she asked, her eyes wide. “What’s it to you?”

“Are you engaged?”

She gave me a sly smile. “Yes. Satisfied with your answer?”

“What the fu…?” I almost shouted. “We just broke up a couple months ago.”

“So what? You expected me to sit around and mope over yo’ ass? Yo’ shit ain’t worth my time, Kent. Now get outta ma face!”

This chick knew how to get my adrenaline going. She knew her feisty disposition was one of the things I found sexy about her. With her skimpy little negligee that barely covered her sexy ass, she knew she had me where she wanted me. It was about that time, I realized that I hadn’t been with a woman since the last time we fucked nearly three months ago and I was primed for the taking.

It was also right about then that I came to understand that I wasn’t ready to let her get married. I wanted more of Lisa and she could damn well walk down the aisle when I said when. That time wasn’t just yet.

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