Why Ian Somerhalder Is My Favorite Facebook Celebrity

I know…I should be working but I am tired. Been working nonstop for months. My brains needs a little break here. Will get back to the grind tomorrow. You see what happens to writers. Even though I am too tired to work I must still write something…weird..huh? I can't help it.

So here is the thing. Most of us follow our favorite celebrities on Facebook whether they be musicians, politicians, actors or your neighbor.

Tell me the truth, you have one favorite, right? You must do. Everyone has a favorite someone or something. I came to realize I have a favorite Facebook celebrity. Here is what I used to determined that.

Alright, maybe because he is super sexy with the most amazing eyes…duh! All of that is true but that's not the reason. I think he is humble, simple, uncomplicated and somewhat connected to his fans. Most of his posts are quirky and fun and you feel like he himself is connecting with you.

Most of these celebs have their people managing their FB accounts, some of them only post updates on stuff they are involved in but Ian posts everyday stuff. Not only his movies or work but he posts about his dog, waking up in the morning, and fun stuff that people can relate to. He sometimes even reply to his fans! Okay, so I'll go back to saying that he is a stud muffin and without all the things I mentioned he would be on my favorites list. What's not to love about him anyway!

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