When Your Brain Feels Like A Junkyard!

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me or all writers. Is writing an addiction? I think it is. I have spent most of my life pining over being able to express my fantasies and emotions through words. Now that I am doing it full time, I never seem to tire of it. Sometimes I wish there was one day that I would feel, I don’t want to write today. But no, even when I am having my worst day, or experiencing writers block, I still want to write.

I ask myself, what’s wrong with me? Is this an obsession or what? It’s so annoying because my brain has all these ideas that want to come out and there is never enough time to write them all. And, before I get to sort through what’s already there, more ideas pop in! Jeez, give me a break already.

I feel like my head has become a junkyard, or at best, a storage compartment….no the junkyard suits the description more. Most of my ideas seem like junk, they never past the initial concept, but instead of being erased, somehow my brain seem to hold on to them, willing them to become more than what they really are….junk!

Okay, I know this post isn’t making much sense to you if you aren’t a writer. If you are a writer, then you know how it feels. The good thing is, I am still able write a good story. The junk doesn’t affect my writing, but I can’t focus on anything else! Crap, that sucks!

My head, feels quite heavy right now. I feel anxious that I will never finish my own novel, while writing so many stories for clients. I need to make a living and that’s the excuse. I can’t just drop everything and write for me or my bills won’t get paid.

How do I sort through all the things going on up there? Not only are my ideas there, so are my plans for the future and so many other things that I cannot share. Boy, I think I need a vacation. On the beach somewhere, sipping margaritas.


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