The Truth About Carolee

Yes, the truth.

I am a hypocrite. This here is supposed to be my diary but I have not been honest with myself or my readers. I haven’t been posting my deepest most secret thoughts. I have been posting stuff that I could post anywhere.

Well no more. From now on it’s what I am feeling, my deepest desires, my needs, wants and fantasies. Yes.

Before I do that, let me tell you about me.

Carolee is a vibrant, sexual , sensual female who is down to earth and loves sex. Yes. That’s doesn’t make me promiscuous, it makes me human. I have one partner whom I live with but I do fantasize and yearn for more, or for better.

I have had a few relationships that were great and a few that were disasters but never have I ever given up on love.

I can’t bear children but I do have a step-daughter whom I love very much. I love animals and will give my life for them , the same goes for plants.

Family is important to me and I love close family relationships. I forgive easily but there have been a couple of cases where forgiveness was hard to come by. I believe in once bitten twice shy so if you hurt me, you won’t get a second chance to.

I make mistakes and I make them a lot because I am pigheaded and like to have my own way. But the weird thing is, if I don’t follow my own lead, I always end up on the wrong path. You know what I mean? Your way is your way and mine is mine.

I hate being told what to do and I really hate people who don’t ask properly or say thank you. I really hate nasty people, I mean people who don’t bathe and brush their teeth. People who blow their noses in their shirt sleeves and those who spit on the pavement. Laziness I am allergic to and will leave a man who doesn’t want to work. I don’t mind bringing in the bread but when you are lazy and have no ambition then you are gone.

I treat people I love like kings and queens, I will give you anything and do anything so long as I love you. Many people take advantage of this, thus taking me for granted.

Well no more for today. See you later.

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