Hello my dear readers. I have been so busy that I have been neglecting my personal blogs. Today I want to talk about plagiarism or content theft.

Plagiarism is the theft of someone’s artistic work or the person’s idea. It includes works of content such as articles, fiction and non fiction. Plagiarism also involves music and painting, and even an idea. Some one may ask how can I plagiarize someone’s idea and the answer would be, you knew that person was working on something and before they could complete and put it out in the world you stole it and published as your own. This kind of plagiarism happens a lot in the workplace and people get away with it a lot.

I have dedicated myself to fight this plague that has corrupted the world wide web. In so doing I have created and cause and also created a website dedicated to this cause. Please visit and join the website here at Online Writers Corner.

Join the fight against plagiarism by joining the cause!

Let us fight plagiarism of our work and stop the thieves in their tracks.

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