Never Felt Such Pain

I told myself I wouldn’t or couldn’t write what I was feeling. Never in all my life have I felt such pain.

I lost my father when I was eight years old, a grandmother at age 16 and another grandmother as an adult. I havehad my heart shattered into a million pieces but never have I experienced grief or pain in the magnitude I am experiencing it now.
On June 23, 2012 my brother who is/was a fisherman went to sea and has not returned. We understand that he was murdered. The men who went with him are hiding, either in fear of their own lives or from the law as the police are trying to figure out what happened.
We also understand that they were spotted in Haiti waters. Now, a few days after he went missing I spoke with someone in Haiti who told me that he was killed in Haiti waters. I am going to be really honest about this and not lie to my readers. We understand that my brother was hired to navigate a boat that would take marijuana to Haiti. I have no confirmation of that so I cannot confirm or deny it.
A little about my brother
He was 50 years old. Chester was punished several times as a child for skipping school to go fishing…lol. At one time a fish hook was lodged in his finger and my mom thought that was punishment enough. You just couldn’t get him to stay away from the sea.He was brilliant and was admitted to one of the most recognized Technical High Schools in the country but that was not what he wanted….all he he wanted was to fish.
On that fateful day Chester left his boat behind and navigated someone else’s boat. He had taken off the engine from his boat and used it on the other boat.
There are rumors and assumptions as to his demise but all we do know is that he is nowhere to be found and the men he went to sea with are still alive and in hiding.
The police have a hard time solving this because there are no evidence on sea as opposed to land. This is the most painful experience and I never wish to experience this pain again. He was my big brother. He was kind and loving. He always defended me against people who would take advantage of or hurt me. He was my hero. The pain is too much to spell out and I don’t know when it will subside.
Thanks for reading…………peace out.

2 thoughts on “Never Felt Such Pain”

  1. Hi Carolee,
    I is very painful to get used to the demise of someone who was very close and lovable. I believe in God and i know one day the mystery about your big brother will be solved. Have peace and may you be filled with courage to face days ahead.

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