My Ten Favorite Hollywood Doctors

We all like the medical shows or series on television don’t we? And we always have a favorite doctor who we either daydream about or we find so disgusting, we just have to keep watching. All the people on my list are men but not all of them you will like.

10.┬áJohn C. McGinley – Scrubs. I like John because he’s goofy. Scrubs is totally different from any other medical tv series we’ve ever seen. There is nothing remotely serious about that show.

9. Rick Schroeder – Strong Medicine. I am a big fan of Rick and I like him in that series. So sorry it ended. I guess it wasn’t as popular as others were. Too bad.

8. Jason Thompson – General Hospital Night Shift. Hot, hot, hotttttttttt! Scorching. Who doesn’t like a hot doctor? Too bad the night shift has ended.

7. Coby Bell – Third watch, just because he’s hot.

6. Eddie Cibrain – Third Watch. I love this guy. I love him in every television show. Baywatch, Sunset Beach, CSI Miami. He’s too hot and those dimples……haaaaaa

5. Ted Danson – Becker. This was a sitcom which made it very funny. Ted is a funny character and his co-star was even funnier.

4.Pernell Roberts – Trapper John. That bald head was hot. Yes. I loved Trapper John, never missed an episode.

3. Patrick Dempsey – Grey’s Anatomy. There is something about Patrick that pulls you in. His easy-going acting style is captivating, not to mention those good looks.

2. Eric Dane aka McDreamy – Grey’s Anatomy. The bad boy of the show who steals his best friends wife. She just can’t get enough of him though she tries to deny her thirst for his love. Ha….so dreamy.

1. Holding the number one spot is no other than Hugh Laurie – House! Have you ever met a more obnoxious doctor? His obnoxiousness is what makes him genius. Do you remember the episode where they tried to cure his pain and he could not function. My favorite episode was the one with the seventeen year old girl who thought she loved House. the most memorable line comes from that episode when Cuddy tells him to get rid of the girl. His reply was “You can’t stop our love.”


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