My Love is BIG

I am a big lover. Yes. When I love it’s always too much or very big, almost overpowering. I shower the person or thing I love with attention and affection. Sometimes I wonder if my love is too big, but then again I think I was made to love, that love is my purpose.You know, some people get hurt by others and they decide that they will never love again. Not me, no sireee, I always look for my next victim, someone to give all this love to.

Here is a list of things I love and how big I love them:

  • I love my goats, yes I have goats and I treat them like people. I brush their coats, talk to them and love them big. If anyone should try and hurt them they would have to deal with me.
  • I love animals in general and will not stand for anyone to hurt even a bug. The only living things I really hate are roaches and flies. I can even tolerate mosquitoes. I don’t mind ants, and so long as the toads don’t come inside the house I am fine. I keep away from lizards but they live inside my house and I don’t mind except when they pooh on the walls. Yes my love for animals is so big that I often cry when my fiance kills a bug.
  • I love love. There is nothing greater than to love something or someone. It doesn’t have to be intimate love. It could be to love a child or a sick person. My love is so big that I can’t hold a grudge for long. My love is so big that it overrides everything else, no matter how bad. My love is so big that it is very easy for me to say I love you to those I love. So I love easily, but I don’t fall in love easily. Falling in  love takes a certain kind of connection, I guess I have my heart guarded or am looking for something that is hard to find. My love is big and that is why I love my fiance even when he acts really stupid….lol
  • I love life and I love it big. That is why I’ve decided never to let myself fall into major depression again. Right now I am a little depressed, atypical depression due to grief, which is expected. I try not to go there but I know I am because I would burst into tears all of a sudden on a memory of my brother. I want to grieve and it’s only been four months. I love life and want to live.
  • I love writing and I love it big. Since I could remember I have never really wanted to do anything else. I got distracted there for a while and tried other things but the only thing that came close to writing was cooking. I love writing so much that I will write about anything, here I am am writing this silly blog right now….hehe
  • Food, yes I am a foodie and I love food from all over the world. I love food so much that I have learned to cook from many different cuisines and often dream about owning my own little restaurant.
  • I love people and I love them big. I love them so much that I wish I could take away all their pain and suffering. I cry when I watch the news. I suffer with the people I can’t help. I love you too and I love you big and that is why I am sending you a very positive vibration and thoughts and wishing you every success in life.
Peace out, love and love BIG.

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