Mosey Monday: Another Monday Mood

Curtsy of Tlpoague
Curtsy of Tlpoague

As I sit at my computer my mind is a blur. I want nothing better than to just climb into bed and do nothing.

I am not procrastinating, though my mood results in procrastination. I think I am just tired. I feel sleepy and lazy.

As my mood suggests, I am moving in a mosey Even the words I am typing are at a ‘mosey’ pace. I hope I can say that. There is no rush for me today. I am yawning a I type.

Before I end this post on a lazy note I must tell you that my dog Princess will give birth any day now and I want to experience it. I got to see our goats giving birth many times but never seen a dog do it.

On another very positive note. My client’s book is doing great. The reviews are wonderful and I am feeling a lot more confident about it. The reviews have somewhat motivated me.

So I am off to catch some nappy time. What’s your Monday mood?

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