Mood Mayhem!

Curtsy of Tlpoague
Curtsy of Tlpoague

Today is Moody Monday and we all can relate to that. My very good friend and adopted internet sister decided we all needed to vent and what better way to do so that write about it? Hey Gabby, this was a great idea!

My mood for this Monday is Mayhem! Yes!~

The word mayhem has several definitions but I assure you my state of mind has no criminal intent, rather I would like to go with this definition here: “A state of violent disorder or riotous confusion; havoc.”

That’s how I feel mentally today. I have so many things on my plate and I have become so disorganized lately. I have been thinking that maybe I have taken on too many things but when I calculate I realize that I am spending too much time on trivial things and way behind on making money.

The bills are piling up, there is family stress and I am so angry with my step-daughter’s mother right now that I do feel like hitting her….I did say I didn’t have any criminal intent didn’t I? Well maybe I do.

To add to the personal issues, I have a brother who is making life very difficult. We are in the process of completing my mother’s house and he is the contractor. Let’s just say he made some bad financial decisions so my mom decided to let me handle the money and he’s not happy! I think he’s trying to sabotage me and he is making stuff very hard. but I wont back down.

On to something more cheerful. A little under a month ago a goat had a baby. Do you think animals are born coo-coo? I think he is! He is the most mischievous, troublesome, silly little kid I have ever seen. He will buck anything that he can’t eat. If he tries to eat a leaf and he can’t he fights it. He wants to “jump” every animal in the pen, except for his aunty (he’s scared of that one). There are two other ram kids and he tries to beat them up even though they are two months older.

However, the one thing that make me want to do something…okay, I’ll behave…is our water problem which is created by our neighbors. In, my neighborhood some people do not pay for water. It seems there was some agreement that some people were allowed to take water while some have a meter. Anyway, one family decided that they should have the water all to themselves and have placed a check valve(lock off) below their gate. This will prevent the water getting to half the community. The water department searched for the lock-off but didn’t find it so they haven’t returned to do anything. So for the past three months, only when they feel like it, they turn the main on. My hair needs washing and I don’t have enough water for that!

Argghhhhhhhhhhhhh Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

That’s my Monday!

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