It's been a long road this past 12 months. I have had some good good times, illnesses, stressful times, and times I thought I would never make it.

Now you may be wondering what I am letting go of. Well, the letting go part is two-fold.


One –

I am saying goodbye to a novel I have been writing for the last year. It's a 90,000 word baby which was originally meant as a trilogy for 30,000 words each. I must tell you it hasn't been easy but it was one of the best experiences. I feel connected to these characters as if they are real…because to me they are. The first part was already published and the reviews were good. I hope I can live up to the expectation of what the first part offered.

I must tell you that the client has been patient and very understanding. I will miss him as well. So, letting go means saying farewell to this client and this novel. 

Two –

I have decided after completing this novel I will no longer ghost write novels for anyone. I realize the amount of energy I have spent thinking of plots, characters and events to bring a novel alive. This realization has led me to the decision to now put all that energy and creativity into my own novels. It's time for me to shine. I will only be taking short stories of no more than 5,000 words and articles. Next novel I complete will be mine.

So it's farewell to the ghost writing novelist. This decision was easier than saying goodbye to my last client and his novel.

Now What?

Saying goodbye to this novel leaves me a little heartbroken. Yes, I kinda feel empty without my main characters. After all, I spent over a year with them, creating, nurturing, loving and even hating them for a while. So yes, I feel like I want to cry.

Last year when I got really ill I was working with another client as well, working on a trilogy too. I had to tell that client after the first book, that they had to get someone else to complete the series. Recently I decided to check to see if the book was published and yes it was, along with the complete series. However, my heart was so broken that the new writer did a terrible job keeping the plot that I created. They never made the girl into the hero like I wanted and that hurt, but, it wasn't my call to make.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to stop writing novels for others. Whatever ideas I have, I want to develop my way. I never want someone to take my idea down the wrong path…never again!

So this is farewell, letting go of the old freelancer and saying hello to the now determined writer, who will write her heart out to complete her own novel. I am not setting any strict timelines, but I hope to accomplish something by December. Wish me luck!

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