Now, as independent publishers we are left with the task of creating our own covers and at the most having someone create it for us. In most cases we find a free photo, and for those of us who want to be a little more unique, we purchase one online. After that, we either fiddle with our free graphics software or pay a minimal fee to have the cover done.

I started working on a book cover for my first full length novel. I am struggling with the decision of going traditional or independent for this. In any case, I want to have a cover prepared just in case I decide to go independent.

While searching online for free or cheap photos to use on my cover, I discovered several things that independent publishers may find disturbing.

  1. It is very likely that the photo you choose has already been chosen and used on another book. I found a website which showed books that have used the same photos. It was quite disturbing to me and it made me take a step back.Not only will your book not look unique but it may confuse readers.
  2. It is also likely that the photo in question is already chosen for a special promotion for some product or service
  3. I also found out that stock photo licenses my be a bit restrictive and may prevent you from actually promoting your book using that photo. You need to make sure the photo license allows you full promotional use.

Here is what I am going to do. I will either take my own photos from now on or create book covers from scratch with a graphic software. I did an experiment yesterday and I think the cover looks really good. It's not what I wanted but it could work.

I was looking for a photo which would depict wealth, inheritance and romance all in one. I found several mansions, photos depicting riches and so forth but when I thought about it, these photos are free and may have been used elsewhere, plus, I didn't want to get in trouble with non commercial license permission because most of these photos are for non commercial use anyway.

What I did was take a nice red satin background, added some diamonds and a white rose. I then created a unique Book title in 3D gold using a special free online tool. The cover looks unique but I am not sure I'll use it. I think I need more practice with my book cover creations. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Inheritance book cover Red SATIN

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