I Had a Dream

Kinda sounds like Martin Luther King’s doesn’t it, “I Have a Dream!” he said.

My dream may not be the same as King’s but I had a dream nonetheless. You know, I dream quite often, almost every night. Some dreams are clear and vivid while others are forgotten as soon as I awake.

There are two kinds of dreams which always stay with me for a couple of days because they are usually so vivid that they seem real. Those are usually the spiritual dreams where I have some sort of supernatural power, I see myself flying, I’m an angel or I’m somewhere in heaven. I remember seeing Jesus once that dream stayed with me for months.

Then there are the dreams about sex! Yeah, I have those too…I’m human. Whenever I have those dreams they are usually very sensual and I always wake up with residual sexual tension. Usually when a man dreams of sex he wakes up with a hard on or the bed all nasty…lol. When a woman has these dreams she wakes up very moist down there and her body is charged and ready to ravage some unsuspecting male….well maybe not but you get the picture.

Last night it wasn’t so. The dream in itself was awesome but when I woke up this morning I felt nothing…nada…zilch! What the hell? Am I not supposed to be throbbing down there and wanting it so bad that I would rape my fiance even if he was not in the dream?

Last night I was making love to no other than Adam Levine…yeah…him. Our bodies moved in perfect rhythm. I looked the way I did in my twenties…the perfect body and beautiful! So we had this beautiful mating ritual. His facial hair had a day’s growth and when his kissed me the stub would rub against my skin and send electric shock waves throughout my body. Maybe that was embellishing a bit but can you blame me? I’m a writer…lol

Back to the story…er..dream.┬áSo we were in unison as our bodies formed a perfect line, wrapped up in ecstasy. I wont bother with the rest of the dream, I’ll just tell you why I am kind of surprised about this particular dream.

I am not attracted to Adam Levine. I think he’s attractive but I don’t particularly find him sexy. I’m not saying he’s not but he is just not my type. You know there are famous people we get all excited about and some we drool over? If Adam and I were to move in the same circles and he were to ask me out, I’d say no. If he were to offer me sex, I’d say..wait for it…wait for it…NO!

On the other hand, if Brad Pitt were to offer me sex I would say yes. I wouldn’t date or marry him but I would want to know what it’s like. Adam Levine no! I think it’s the tattoos. I have never been attracted to a guy with tattoos. Something about tattoos makes it unsexy to me.

Soooo, why on earth would I dream of having sex with him. It’s not like I had him on my mind let alone fantasize about him. It’s just so puzzling to me. Then I wake up and feel nothing at all, nothing, which is weird. That’s never happened to me before. Every dream I ever had about having sex always result in me waking up horny as hell! So why not this dream?

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