So I decided to “be a writer”. I mean a real writer.

Okay, I have been dreaming of writing since I was around seven or eight. I used to make up stories and so forth; I also was very good at story writing and composition in school. But life got in the way.

At first people will tell you that writers are crazy people. Then they will tell you that you can’t make money from it unless you become famous and the list of negatives goes on.

I quit my job in 2011 and started working full time from home as a freelancer. My boss called me back and I tried working part time again but I just could not go back to the 9-5.

The thing is, freelancing does not feel like writing. Somehow you lose a part of you when you write crap for people. Writing is only wholesome when you do it from the heart. So I decided that in between projects I would finish all the novels and novelettes I have half done on my computer.

To get the ball rolling I edited and published a compilation of eleven short stories; some where written long ago and read a bit amateurish but I did it nonetheless. I also went ahead and put together my poetry. They are both now on Amazon.co. at a very cheap price.

See the short story collection here under the pen name Emerald Starchan

See the book of poetry here under my real name Carolee Samuda

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