Get A Grip Black People!

I see yet another gripe about race. Black nurses told not to touch white patient. The post goes on to state that black nurses are given heavier work load and some other crap! Now with all the gripe about racial issues during the past couple of months along with legal action on another medical facility why would the nursing home risk their business with discrimination?

My determination is this. Black people are too darn sensitive! We blow everything out of proportion. We don’t stop to analyze the situation. Everything is skin deep and we see the race in everything. It goes to show that black people are mostly to be blamed for the current racial tension in America. When a black person in the USA cries out racism the world stops to take a look. They get lots of coverage because racism is a human interest topic that will forever be front and center of any nation.

We, people of color are the reason why there is tension concerning Paula Deen, Trayvon Martin and most other recent issues concerning race. If a white person looks at us cross-eyed we cry out racism! What’s the matter with us? Are we so weak-minded that we need to fight all our battles with the race card?

Here is my take on this here issue:

If I were in the hospital and a white nurse bruised me I would request not be handled by that nurse.

If I were in the hospital and a black nurse bruised me I would request not to be handled by that nurse.

If my mother bruised me I would forgive her but warned her not to do it again!

I know that the patient recanted but isn’t it strange? The patient must have been scared stiff to get into a racial battle in light of the recent racial events that have been taking place during the past twelve months or so.

Why is it only black nurses are complaining? Here is the other thing which totally pisses me off. I hate people who watch me at work. Yeah. You do your thing and I’ll do mine. Why the hell are you watching what my tasks are? If you are so busy with your own workload where the hell do you find the time to spy on me? The report stated that the black nurses complained that they were given heavier workload than the white nurses. The first impression I would get is that I am more valued so am given more responsibility.

I have more than 20 years work experience in varied fields and in all the areas which I have worked I have excelled due to extra responsibilities. If you are given extra responsibilities it could mean that you are thought to be stronger more capable of handling it. DUH! I could be wrong but wouldn’t it be more productive to take a more positive attitude than the road you chose to take?

After creating all this tension over race would you feel comfortable working in the same environment? Do’;t you think your situation will get worse because people will now be uncomfortable around you? I would feel that way.

As an employee you also have the responsibility to help create a tension free environment by taking a positive attitude towards others and what you do.

This latest race issue is null and void and is just another attempt to create friction in the United States. It seems to me that black people, specifically African Americans have not learned what the word “UNITED” means.

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