Cyber Violations

There are several ways to be violated online but the two ways I will be talking about are somewhat related and similar.
There is stalking and there is that weird email or message someone sends you telling you how much they want to get inside your panties.

The last time I was stalked online I posted a forum in the community I publish on and some of the responses were disturbing. One person said I was making a big deal for nothing because it wasn’t actual stalking since the person didn’t know my address and since it was online.

That individual was clearly ignorant and have never been cyber-stalked before. It also left me wondering if this person could possibly be a stalker as well.
How does it feels to receive an email of a sexual nature from an anonymous source or complete stranger?
Imagine you are in the shower and a burglar breaks in, comes into the bathroom and fondles you. He didn’t rape you or even steal anything but still, you feel violated.
This feeling does not only stay in cyberspace but permeates your physical existence as well. You are left to wonder if this is a prank; or if someone you know might have sent it; or worse, someone who knows you but you have no clue who they are. This way of thinking is very dangerous as every strange man you meet on the street who looks at you a certain way will trigger the memory and then you start to feel naked.

How does it feels to be stalked?

You feel violated in every sense. It is just a shade less traumatic than actually being raped. But I tell you there is little less mental anguish and trauma. Your privacy feels invaded  You feel like everywhere in cyberspace you go the person will be there. You don’t feel comfortable doing anything online and you start to wonder if someone is following you for real.
At the moment I am facing some emotional setbacks because I was sent two emails soliciting my attention. I have become extremely cautious and am limiting the time I spend on social networks. Three times I have been targeted and now this. I felt nervous all day trying not to cry.
I really want to feel comfortable online but I am not. I tell you it’s a jungle out there. When it’s not stalking it’s bullying or racism. Cyberspace is definitely not a safe place to hang out.

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