Oh yes, I am going there!

So for the past week I have had a bit of wake up call.

Let me go back to when I was a little girl. The churches I knew back then had this thing about dating. You couldn’t date unless it was chaperoned. Fair enough, I understand that the older people were so promiscuous in their day that they believed everyone else was like that…lol . I can understand the wait until marriage part as well.

There are still churches like that in my country but for the most part many of these churches are a little more liberal when it comes to dating. Talking about sex isn’t as taboo as it was before. In addition some churches have open discussions for married couples.

What I cannot and my never understand is some Christian’s total aversion to discussing or reading about sex.

The first incident was with my romance novella. I had written a Christian semi erotic romance for a client about six months ago and it is getting good reviews on Amazon.com. I had written, for myself, a Christian romance about two years ago which I was in the process of editing. I extended the story to add the couple getting married and their wedding night. My mistake was placing this novella in the Christian romance category on Kindle.

The first review was actually nice with three stars. She said the story was good up until the end when I surprised her with the sex scene and that Christians should not be reading such explicit stuff.

The second review was not as good with two stars. She basically said the same thing. But it was the third reviewer that pissed me off. I don’t mind getting one star for my work because your opinion is subjective, but calling my hard work filth is really pushing it. The woman did not just discriminate the sex in the novella, she made me fee like I had done something wrong.

The second incident was a post on Facebook with a photo of a woman and her fiance posing at the beach. The guy was playfully cupping her breast in the photo. Somehow it got on FB and she was fired from her job.

Here is my take, the photo should never have made it to FB, not because it’s wrong but because it’s supposed to be personal. However, it did make it to the public eye but was that any reason to fire someone?

People are so hung up on sexuality that they can’s see anything else. When it’s not homosexuality it’s photos such as these. Where will it end? When will people be free to express their sexuality without judgement?

I have to wonder if those Christian women who reviewed my book do not have sex? Are their husbands happy or are they celibate? I strongly believe that if you can’t read about sex, don’t read fiction romance either. What the hell are they doing reading romance novels anyway, shouldn’t they be reading their bibles and praying or something?

I think it’s hypocritical to read fiction any at all and make sex, which is a natural and integral part of our existence, taboo. It makes no sense to me that made up stuff is accepted over something so special which God gave humans.

Venting not quite done but got to go….

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