To Savannah With Love

As Savannah and Marcello’s relationship develops, she becomes restless. Thoughts of her late husband’s affair keep haunting her. In order to move forward, she must put her past to rest.
What will she find when she digs a little deeper? Will Savannah regret delving into her husband’s past? What secret is Marcello hiding? Will their relationship move to the next level?

This novel is based on the erotic novella – Souvenir.






A decision to go wild this year. An attempt to forget the pain.

Note: This is an erotic novella that ends on HFN (Happy For Now). Strong language and adult situations are contained in this story.
Finding out that her dead husband had a mistress drove home the fact that they were not the happy couple Savannha a/k/a Souvenir thought they were. What made it worse was that he was seeing the other woman before they even met.
If her husband could screw a stripper named Sugar Plum for 15 years, she could screw an escort for Christmas. It was a fair trade, no?

But sometimes things can go sexily wrong – or right. Getting a bit tipsy before your “date” might mess with your memory a little, and might just make you forget the hotel room number.


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