Contractions In Every Day Life vs Writing

Hi there, did you miss me? I have been busy and my schedule is what brought me here today. I am sitting at my computer working on yet another story…for someone else. It's beginning to get old for me and I know you don't want to know about me writing for other people. However, this […]

Mosey Monday: Another Monday Mood

As I sit at my computer my mind is a blur. I want nothing better than to just climb into bed and do nothing. I am not procrastinating, though my mood results in procrastination. I think I am just tired. I feel sleepy and lazy. As my mood suggests, I am moving in a mosey […]

Mood Mayhem!

Today is Moody Monday and we all can relate to that. My very good friend and adopted internet sister decided we all needed to vent and what better way to do so that write about it? Hey Gabby, this was a great idea! My mood for this Monday is Mayhem! Yes!~ The word mayhem has […]