Who’s My Fantasy Guy?

I’m 42 and for the past 30+ years, I have carried a secret with me. A desire that has never been fulfilled and this is the reason I think I never really got married. This is hard for me to say out loud because it’s a bit embarrassing and I don’t know how people will […]

Do You Take This Man? – I Don’t

It’s been three years and trying to decide, setting a date and finalizing stuff. Well, the good news is I figured out what I want but it’s gonna hurt. I have always known that I wasn’t in love with my fiance. I love him, appreciate and adore him but something has always been missing.

My Ten Favorite Hollywood Doctors

We all like the medical shows or series on television don’t we? And we always have a favorite doctor who we either daydream about or we find so disgusting, we just have to keep watching. All the people on my list are men but not all of them you will like. 10. John C. McGinley – […]

Happy Friday and I Hate Freelancing!

I haven’t posted anything in a while and it’s been killing me.  So here’s just a taste of what’s been on my mind. I hate freelancing! I know it pays the bills but I hate it because it takes up too much of my time. Articles are easier to write and I never get stuck […]

Going Through The Motions

Dear Diary,Here I am again. This time I just want to let you know what’s going on inside me. There are so many emotions swirling around in there at the moment. It makes me feel like I am going crazy and it was only today, March 4, 2013, that I realized that I am still grief stricken. […]

I Love You……Not!

Dear Diary, I was going to throw you away but decided that writing my thoughts and feelings were the best thing for me. As you know, dear diary, I am engaged and living with a man. You also know he is not the man I am in love with. It’s never easy loving someone who […]

Dear Diary: I Need More

Dear diary, Today I feel quite tired. I don’t know why. I think I am depressed. I need something I don’t have. I need passion. I need fulfillment  I think I am okay but I know something is missing. I try not to think about it much but I am a passionate person. I have having to suppress […]

The Truth About Carolee

Yes, the truth. I am a hypocrite. This here is supposed to be my diary but I have not been honest with myself or my readers. I haven’t been posting my deepest most secret thoughts. I have been posting stuff that I could post anywhere. Well no more. From now on it’s what I am […]

What is Happiness?

Many people try to find happiness and I often wonder why. Where is happiness? Is it lost?Happiness is not something that you have to search for. Happiness is within you.Here is why I say that. We spend our lives looking for the right person and sometimes we find them but still end up being unhappy. […]

My Love is BIG

I am a big lover. Yes. When I love it’s always too much or very big, almost overpowering. I shower the person or thing I love with attention and affection. Sometimes I wonder if my love is too big, but then again I think I was made to love, that love is my purpose.You know, […]