New Writers – Formatting Your Kindle eBooks

New writer? Congrats on being published.

This is just a short blurb on how to make your readers want to continue reading in terms of the formatting.

Grammatical errors, bad use of English and terrible, boring story-lines are not the only things that turn readers off. A potentially great story that is not properly formatted can turn away readers.

Here is a tip. Amazon provides a free formatting template for publishers to use. If not, use the standard manuscript formatting guide.

  1. Create a Createspace account using your existing Amazon ID and password. You may have to create a title in order to download the template. Once downloaded, you can use it as many times. When you save it to your computer, save as is. When you are ready to use the template, open document and “save as” with your own file name. When you are ready to publish copy chapter by chapter into the template. Remember to save text only. If you are having trouble, contact me and I will help you format.
  2. Standard format: Arial or Times New Roman pt 12, line space 1.5, indent first line paragraph 3 – 5. Margins 1 inch.

Good luck and keep writing!




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