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Ever wondered why some author’s books get penalized or why some reviews are removed without notice? Also why some people are banned from leaving reviews on their favorite authors’ books?

We know that some people are spammers and some reviewers are just nasty. But I am always upset whenever Amazon removes my five star reviews and leave the nasty one stars. In most instances, your fans have befriended you on social media and these fans love leaving great reviews on your books. We authors always look forward to our true fans leaving us five and four star reviews.

In some cases, Amazon does not approve said reviews, or in other cases those reviews are removed without notice. Amazon’s policy on book reviews are very strict. Although you can solicit reviews by offering a review copy of your book, they would prefer you not ask friends and family for reviews.

See Amazon review guidelines HERE

Why has your review from friends disappeared?

A simple code that tells Amazon where your link was shared and who clicked that link.

Amazon tracks you through your friends on social media, especially on Facebook where the most book links are shared, even in private groups. If you didn’t know this yet, all Amazon URL links carry a set of codes that gives Amazon the information they need to know who clicked your book links.

See image.

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When you are sharing a link do one of the following:

  1. Remove the tracking information by deleting anything that comes after your book’s ASIN. Yes, your book’s ASIN and ISBN is in your URL.
  2. DO NOT copy the link from your Amazon sales page. Instead, go to your KDP dashboard, go to bookshelf, hover over “view on Amazon”, choose the store you want and click. Your link will come up clean.
  3. Use a universal link shortener
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In addition to the above tips on links, follow these rules.

  • Do not Use Facebook to sign in to your Amazon account or vice versa.
  • Do not use Facebook to sign in to Goodreads, which Amazon owns.
  • In fact, keep your social media pages separate from your Amazon accounts.
  • Use your business page (author page) for advertising and not your personal account. This is good business sense anyway and it will also help keep your Facebook account in order. It also means that your Amazon ads are not feeding from your personal page, but a business page.
  • When seeking reviews, it’s best not to share the link to your book with the reviewer on social media. Send them the link via email.
  • Most important, remember the dirty link rules.