Dirty Encounter

Dirty encounter is just that – an encounter – that leads to something more. One reader wanted more sex, more heat, more steam. Yet, she complained that the couple fell in love too quickly. I respect that reader’s opinion and wants to meet her halfway, so I have done two things. I have given Colt cameos in both books 2 and 3, and I am adding an epilogue to book 1. Epilogue will be updated by March 31.

Colt: A dirty rock-star grieving the loss of a friend. He’s friendly, outgoing, horny and most of all sexy as hell. He isn’t afraid to stand naked in front of the woman he wants. With facial hair covering his face, how the hell does Sabrina find this man attractive? His eyes speaks more than he actually says. His presence is magnetic and his body delicious. What more could happen when they are strapped in close quarters?

Sabrina: She’s the daughter of a pastor, chaste and beautiful. Deep down, she is just like other women. She wants to experience what it feels like to have a man’s body next to hers. She wants to feel him inside her. She’s a girl filled with passion, only for someone to come and set her free. Colt is that man.


Colt and Sabrina

Colt meets Sabrina at a taxi stand after getting lost and ending up in the wrong parish. Being late in the day, her mother, Pastor McClure (Miss Letty) invites him home. Bad idea, Colts has it really bad for the daughter and to make matters worse, he sees her naked taking a rain shower. That night, unable to control himself, he masturbates and while doing so, Sabrina catches him in the act.

Seeing Colt has triggered Sabrina’s dormant desires. Never had she felt this way, but something inside her doesn’t want to listen to her religious upbringing. She wants to experience Colt. During a storm, Sabrina’s prized goat goes missing and Colt offers to go find her. Upon the instruction of Miss Letty, he finds her trapped in an old shack due to an ankle injury.

The storm rages outside, while fever burns inside the shack. Sabrina begs him to take her, but he doesn’t, out of respect that she had never been with a man. He does pleasure her by lovingly swiping his tongue across her vagina, nibbling her labia and gently sucking her clit. He brings her to the brink of ecstasy while he himself is throbbing with need. But he restrains himself.

But Sabrina has other ideas. Just the way Colt has given her, she does the same thing my running her smooth hands over his large cock. She remembers how he massaged the night she caught him masturbating. She mimics him by bringing him pleasure with her hands.

After returning home, Colt is scheduled to leave due to his manager coming to fetch him. That night Sabrina, sore ankle and all, sneaks into Colts room, drops her night gown and gets into his bed. She insists that he would not leave without finishing what he started. Unable to control himself, they make sweet love.

Colt leaves, things happen and communication becomes non-existent. Six months later Colt returns, not knowing what to expect. The day he returns, Sabrina is alone at home. After a loving greeting out in the yard where she flings herself in his arms, planting kisses on his now shaven face, they enter the living where they strip and make love right there.

When Sabrina kneels before Colt and unplug his manhood, she tells him that she’d been practicing, showing how she learned to take him inside her mouth, running her tongue along its length and circling the ridge with the tip of her smooth hot tongue. Jealous that she’d been with another man, Colt demands to know who that man was, only find out that she’d been practicing to give head with cucumbers and plantains.

It will take some convincing to get Miss Letty to agree to their relationship. After all, Colt isn’t one of them, meaning, he’s a rock star, not the ‘nice Christian boy’ who she wants for her daughter. In the end Miss Letty gives them six months. If after the six months they are still together, she will agree to the marriage.

The end.

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