When to Step Away

[siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”][/siteorigin_widget] It took me a while to dredge up the strength to write this post because, while I am outspoken, I consider myself a private person. I am not afraid of what people might think of me. What bugs me about putting myself out there are fake sympathies, irrelevant opinions, and those who care […]

Amazon Clean Links vs Dirty Links – What does it mean

For Authors, Promoters and Fans Ever wondered why some author’s books get penalized or why some reviews are removed without notice? Also why some people are banned from leaving reviews on their favorite authors’ books? We know that some people are spammers and some reviewers are just nasty. But I am always upset whenever Amazon […]

2020 – The Year of Many Disappointments

While the SARS-CoV-1, otherwise known as the coronavirus, took over the planet in the year 2020, there were some who thrived and some who shriveled. In the writing world, it was believed that people read more because they were isolated and needed a way of escape. Some authors rose to higher heights while I am […]

Why I Am Returning to MailChimp after Jumping Ship

Research. That’s the one thing no author should be accused of not doing. I failed miserably when all the frenzy broke out about Mailchimp and how much it would now cost the author. At the time that all hell broke loose over increased fees, I was little over 600 subscribers in my romance list. But […]

How to Make a Jamaican Sandwich

The topic for this article might be a little strange. Usually I share some health tips along with the usual details about my books or books from my author circle. Okay, so I have been a little selfish about sharing my friend’s books. I promise that I will share more of their great deals with […]

The Time I Got Rejected By A Boy

I never talk about this. Even now it’s humiliating that my stomach is doing backflips as I tell this little story. It was an ordinary day at school. I remember it clearly. The day was fair, not a cloud in the sky – I think. Okay, I may not remember if there were clouds or not, but that incident I will not forget.

Depression is serious business!

This is a true story of how I botched my teaching job, a six-week contract, because I was depressed. The problem wasn’t with the students, I would have messed up had I been teaching babies, but I did become very agitated and nervous when I realized that my brain refused to function properly and even […]