The Time I Got Rejected By A Boy

Most Humiliating Moment!
I never talk about this. Even now it’s humiliating that my stomach is doing backflips as I tell this little story. It was an ordinary day at school. I remember it clearly. The day was fair, not a cloud in the sky – I think. Okay, I may not remember if there were clouds or not, but that incident I will not forget. Art class. We were supposed to draw the display of items on the table. I got a wine bottle to sketch and it turned out well. I thought I was going to be an artist until I saw someone else’s sketch and realized mine sucked! We were gathering our things at the end of class when I saw a small white envelope in the pocket of my knapsack. That was strange, I thought. I took out the enveloped which was sealed and tore it open. Out fell a letter. It was a love letter declaring the most intimate feelings.
A name was signed to the letter and only one person I knew of that went by that name. It wasn’t their real name, but a kind of nick-name. The guy was cute and every girl had a crush on him. What did silly Miss Carolee do? Approach him of course … what else? I was feeling kind of high since this guy apparently liked me of all the girls. I was fifteen and my boobs were almost nonexistent. I was as skinny as a beanpole and didn’t talk to people much. There were more voluptuous girls in the class and this boy liked me! Of course was feeling full of myself that the most popular guy in the class liked me … me … me! Then my world fell apart.
I’d approached this boy quietly and told him I understood that he was interested in me and that I liked him too. What did the arrogant bastard do? He proceeded to talk loudly in front of the entire class. Not only was he speaking so that all could hear, but he was also telling me that I was insane if I thought he liked me. He told me he liked girls with breasts and curves. I wanted to die. In confusion, I swallowed the lump at my throat and refused to cry.
He didn’t even allow me to explain that I received a letter in my bag with his name on it. After those embarrassing few minutes in which I wanted the floor to swallow me up, I retreated to a corner where I forced down the tears of shame. Then someone approached me and asked me what the matter was. I explained and showed them the letter. It was then I found out that the supposed nickname was really the name of a posse/clique rather than a personal name. Someone from the group sent that letter and signed the group name.
I was rejected in front of my entire class because of mistaken identity. How could I not have known that this was a posse title? Those boys were always seen together. I spent the next few years wondering which one sent the letter. However, I spent my entire teen and adult life wishing I could erase those few minutes of shame. What’s your most embarrassing moment? I am sure I have a few more to share with you. But for now, it’s toodley doo!
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