How to Make a Jamaican Sandwich

The topic for this article might be a little strange. Usually I share some health tips along with the usual details about my books or books from my author circle. Okay, so I have been a little selfish about sharing my friend’s books. I promise that I will share more of their great deals with you.

So the reason for this post is simple. One reviewer left me a scathing review. I’m not knocking their opinion at all. It was the content of the review that made me shake my head. The reviewer mentioned the sandwiches I had in my book Dirty Proposal. She had no idea about the size of Jamaican sandwiches and thought little everyday life details in a romance novel was weird.

I find it weird reading a romance novel with only sex. I think people would want to relate to everyday situations. The best friend having some issue. The brother whose is in a tough situation with his business and of course, the crazy people who fall in love.

She said my character was a country bumpkin while at the same time saying she was perfect.
So back to the sandwiches. I wanted to tell you how to make a Jamaican sandwich for you to get an idea of how big or small they are.

Here we go….
• Get two slices of regular bread. We love hard-dough, sliced bread with half wheat – my personal favorite.
• Your favorite protein. Chicken, tuna, roast beef, corned beef or sardines if you have the stomach for it. You can also use cheese. But let’s stick to a regular meaty sandwich.
• If you are using tuna, sardines or canned mackerel, remove gut from fish, mash with pepper and mayonnaise, then spread on bread.
• You need to slice your cooked meat thinly or pull them apart. If using corned beef in the can, mash it up with some minced onions and pepper.
• Spread mayonnaise generously on both sliced of bread.
• Add generous amount of your filling (meat)
• Slap the other slice of bread on top.
***Side note, Jamaicans hate having lettuce and tomatoes in the sandwich as they tend to get soggy easily. But you can add your lettuce and tomato if you want.

That’s one sandwich that doesn’t even begin to make you feel like you’ve eaten. So make three more and you’re good. Wash those down with a tall glass of lemonade. We love ours very sour with lots of ice!

You will find American subway style sandwiches in the hotels and some Uptown restaurants. But if you want real home style sandwiches, make it the way I told you.

Jamaican kids love jam and bread or peanut butter sandwiches.

Photo credit –  How to Cook Channel (YouTube)  real Jamaican corned beef (bully beef) sandwich.

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