USA Today Bestselling Author – Finally!

USA Today Bestselling Author - Finally!

On March 23, 2022, I made the USA Today Bestselling list for ebooks. It has been a long-awaited dream, and a struggle rising above the tide at times when I felt like I was about to go under.

But alas, I didn’t do this alone. This feat could only be accomplished with the help of Almighty God and my Savage Sisters.

Yes, the Savage Bloodline Boxset reached #86 on the list of 150. In my mind that is freaking awesome. Savage Bloodline, a romance collection featuring women of color, beat out 64 other books, most of which are mainstream, traditionally published books, in order to get to that rank. This is freaking awesome!

Before I tell you what’s really going on in my mind, I want to thank Authors: Siren Allen and Shani D Dowdell for allowing me into the set the first time and for taking me back after I walked away. Gosh, it must have been a divine intervention that made me return. I tell you, I gave up on writing IR romances and was set to leave this pen name behind and write science fiction and fantasy.

But at my lowest point, I somehow got the courage to drag myself to my feet and wrote The Closer. At that point, I asked to return to the boxset and was welcomed back. Thank you, Siren and Shani!

My struggles as an author

I won’t bore you with the history of how I became an author. But I must tell you that it has been a long road for me. Many of you know that I was a ghostwriter prior to publishing my own books. That being said, some of my confidence slipped along this rocky road of my self-publishing journey.

I have been called illiterate, dyslexic, and many other terms not fit for commentary. Seeing your work vilified, dragged through the mud, and spat upon would take its toll. It made me question whether I was a good writer. But every time I read my own work, I felt comfort because I was writing stories I wanted to read, as well as being myself, speaking in my own voice, whether illiterate or not. I was being true to me.

Sometimes I wonder if I deserve this. People say I deserve it. I wonder what readers think. Then I go to my books and read the positive reviews. I see readers saying they love my writing style and that make me proud that somewhere out there, people are responding to my words! That is all the validation I need.

I quit a job that didn’t bring me any satisfaction to start ghostwriting. When I gave up ghostwriting, I had no money left in my account to hire editors or cover artists. It was another starting point from scratch. I learned to make my own covers and some friends would help me edit until I started editing my own work because I could not afford to pay them and felt bad about using them.

I still struggle with editing, but one thing I want to promise readers, I will never stop writing. I will keep improving my craft and will have my work professionally edited in future. I aim to give you my best and that is what you deserve. Because, without readers like you, we would not have made it this far.

Thank you, readers, for allowing us authors into your world. Thank you for taking us home, for spending time with us, and getting to know us intimately. I speak for all the authors in the Savage Bloodline boxset when I say, we love and appreciate you all.


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