Welcome to my world.

Some of you may have read my work before, but here’s the skinny on C.D. Samuda’s romances.

I consider myself an eclectic author (a nice term for crazy). I have several pen-names but am focusing the next few months on building my C.D. Samuda brand. This is my actual name and romance brand, so it stands to reason I want it to shine.

C.D. Samuda’s romances range from suspenseful, mysterious, to light and humorous. I am a diverse individual who gets bored with the mundane, therefore, writing one specific type of romance bores me to death.

You will find romance for everyone. The only constant theme in my romance books is that they are multicultural. Here is why – which is my secret. I have always been attracted to men of different races. When I was little, I wanted to marry a white man, I even had him picked out.

I was about 19 when a Chinese man from my community asked my mom for me. Of course she refused. Then in came the handsome Korean men. Who can resist a Korean hottie? Oh God, the Italian hunk I met in the restaurant was to die for and I was so in love with Sean Connery! So there, I love men from all backgrounds.

Given my diverse taste in men – yes diverse (just love that word!), I put my heart and soul into penning my fantasy/dream romances. Every story has a part of me in it, and every male MC has something I’d want in a man.


In addition to making sure that all my heroes and heroines are different, yet resonate with the readers, by books all come with something new. The range is wide when it comes to sexy. You can find the sweet Love’s Abandon series, the suspenseful Touch of Love with a hint of spice, Dirty by Design is definitely steamy, and Rejection Overruled (to come) will be humorous.

C.D. Samuda has a romance novel for everyone.

So, I mentioned other pen-names and you might be wondering what other genres I write.  I won’t give away the pen names here although some of you know of one other.

There you have it. That’s all for now folks and hope you enjoy reading my books. Remember to sign up to my newsletter for alerts, giveaways, more blog posts like this and big news from me.

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